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Greeley Square

Walking south on Broadway, just past Macy’s and Herald Square, what used to be an oppressive nightmare of traffic fumes and confusion is now a beckoning and lively oasis between two major thoroughfares…. one gets absorbed into a fantastic public space recently revamped following the tenets of American urbanist William “Holly” Whyte who believed small urban places are “priceless,” and the city street is “the river of life…where we come together.” Whyte championed the idea of moveable lightweight street furniture affording flexibility and spontaneity in urban groupings. Greeley Square is thoroughly charming with potted flowers, gorgeous green and blue trash bins, lightweight French café metal folding chairs clean and modern bathrooms, information stands and on the day I passed through, there was not a vacant seat in sight!

2 Responses to “Greeley Square”

  1. Really? I try to avoid that part of town, must check it out, before or after Korean lunch that is easy to grab in that neighborhood.

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